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Object documentationImplemented BADIs Result List


The Implemented BADIs (Business Add-in) Result List describes the status of implemented BADIs.


The list consists of the following columns:



Add-in Implementation

The name of the active Business Add-in implementation.

Business Add-in definition

The definition to which the Business Add-in implementation is linked.


The development class to which the implementation is linked.


The status of the Business Add-in implementation.


Indicates the usage information for the object. Usage information for BADIs is not supported; therefore the value in this column is N.

The system collects this information from tables sxc_exit and sxc_attr. The transactions used to create definitions and implementations are SE18 and SE19 respectively.

To display the values for a single row in a separate window, choose Details.

You can use the filter options to display the objects that you want to work with. For example, you can use the filter options to display implemented BADIs.

Further features for processing the list include:

  • Print preview

  • Download to Excel feature

  • Download to local file (such as an unconverted file, spreadsheet, rich text format, HTML format) feature

  • Send mail feature