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Procedure documentationAdjust Roles and Profiles


SAP delivers predefined roles with default values. If these values are missing, you need to set them manually in the authorization objects.

Note Note

This procedure does not apply to roles that you maintain in SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP).

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To manually adjust roles, proceed as follows:

  1. Load the roles and profiles from client 000 into your target client.

    You have the following options for this step:

    • Transport the roles and profiles from client 000 into your target client

    • In client 000, download the roles and profiles in Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG), and upload them in your target client.

  2. Copy the roles and profiles to your namespace.

    1. Open Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG).

    2. Enter a role name and choose Copy Role.

    3. In the To Role field, enter a new name for the role.

    4. Choose Copy All.

    5. Save your entries.

  3. Complete missing values in the authorization objects.

    1. On the Authorizations tab page, choose Change Authorization Data.

    2. Enter your own values for the authorization objects.

      Note Note

      To grant full authorization (value *) for a particular field, double-click the yellow traffic light icon.

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    3. Save your entries.

    4. Generate the authorization profile.

  4. Assign the role to users.

    1. On the User tab page, enter the user names to which you want to assign the role.

    2. Choose User Comparison.

    3. To save your entries, choose Complete Comparison.

    Note Note

    You can also assign roles to users in User Maintenance (transaction SU01).

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