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Procedure documentationDeclaring a Transport Error as Repaired


After importing any project data, import errors might exist in the managed system.

Especially return code 8 import errors can be fixed manually or by applying an additional transport request. As a result, even if the error is fixed, the return code 8 error is still displayed as a risk of the type transport error. To ensure the correct display of transport risks, you can declare that the transport error has been repaired. Via the Declare Error as Repaired pushbutton, the import status in the SAP Solution Manager import tracking can be declared as repaired.

Note Note

The Declare Error as Repaired pushbutton does not repair inconsistencies in your transports. It only cleans up the display of the transport risks on the Risks tab of quality gate management. This means that you should only choose this pushbutton if you have already repaired the transport error.

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Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Risks tab in the lower section, and select a system that contains Transport Errors in the upper table.

  2. Select a transport request that was imported with an error in the lower screen section.

  3. Choose the Declare Error as Repaired pushbutton to display the dialog box for declaring the error as repaired.

  4. Choose the Error Corrected pushbutton.

    Note Note

    To see the transport log for this transport request, choose the Log pushbutton.

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  5. The error is no longer reported as a risk.