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Procedure documentationCentral CTS Configuration Web UI - Personalization


Web Dynpro provides a framework for personalizing applications. Since the Central CTS Configuration Web UI is a Web Dynpro application, it offers the default options for personalizing general settings. In addition, it offers other options for adjusting the layout in the work area to your requirements.


  1. Choose Personalize....

  2. A dialog box opens with the following tabs:

    • General Settings

    • Other Settings

  3. Make your changes on the tab pages as desired. For more information on the options you have on the tab pages, refer to the sections below.

  4. To confirm your settings, choose Save.

Personalizing General Settings

On this tab you can add columns to and remove columns from the list as well as change the sequence of the columns. You can also reset to the default settings.

Note Note

The first column is a key column. You cannot move it.

End of the note.

Note Note

If you move columns in Central CTS Web UI using drag & drop this will be reflected in the list here.

End of the note.
Personalizing Other Settings
  • Number of Visible Rows

    You can change the number of visible rows in the Work Area. Up to 99 rows are allowed. Reset resets the number of visible rows to the default value of 20.

  • Display as ...

    You can set the display of the work area as a flat list or a hierarchical list.

    The hierarchical list displays clusters and their systems in one column, and is therefore able to group certain information. This reduces the number of columns displayed and provides a better overview. The flat list displays clusters and systems and their descriptions in individual columns. This option provides more filter options.

    Note Note

    You can also set the type of list display by selecting it from the dropdown list in the work area.

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  • Display Systems not yet assigned to a Cluster in ...

    You can specify where systems are displayed which are not yet assigned to a cluster. They are either displayed in the main view in the work area or in a separate tab (separate view). If main view is selected, systems without cluster assignment are grouped in a “dummy”cluster called N.A. (not applicable) only for display reasons. You cannot display or edit the N.A. cluster.

  • Automatic Validation

    You can specify whether the system automatically starts a validation after you have made an important change to the configuration. Important changes are creating or deleting a cluster, or making changes to a cluster, for example.

  • Distribution of Configuration

    You can specify if the TMS configuration is to be distributed by default after you have made an important change to the configuration. You can override the default setting on the individual dialog boxes.

More Information

For more information on how to personalize Web Dynpro ABAP applications, see Personalization and Customizing. If the link does not work, you can search for this documentation or use the following navigation path: Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step SAP Library: English Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability Next navigation step Application Platform by Key Capability Next navigation step ABAP Technology Next navigation step UI Technology Next navigation step Web UI Technology Next navigation step Web Dynpro ABAP Next navigation step Web Dynpro ABAP: Development in Detail Next navigation step Advanced Concepts Next navigation step Adaptation Next navigation step Personalization and Customizing End of the navigation path.