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Procedure documentationSpecifying the CBTA Execution Report Format


CBTA supports two execution report formats:

  • The HTML report (default) is displayed on the front-end in a browser window.

  • The Microsoft Word 2010 report provides additional performance information, for example, a graphic showing the execution time of each test component.

    The MS Word report allows you to generate test case documents automatically. This is useful to describe how to perform a test manually. You can use the test case document in a test plan.

    If your organization has strict quality procedures, the MS Word execution report can document the test execution. So you can, for example, print this report and sign it, before giving it to the quality assurance manager.


  • To use the Word format, you have Microsoft Office 2010.

  • You have executed a test configuration or a test script. For more information, see Executing Tests.


  1. In the Test Management work center, choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step CBTA Settings Next navigation step Maintain Client Settings End of the navigation path.

  2. On the Execution tab page, select the report format.

  3. Save your entries.