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Process documentationAdding CCMS Metrics to the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure


The System Monitoring of the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI) checks the status of systems, hosts and databases in the SAP Solution Manager system landscape (see also Monitoring Systems, Databases and Hosts with the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure). It collects the required metrics from various technical infrastructures; one of which is the CCMS Monitoring Infrastructure, which collects mainly various ABAP system and instance metrics.

The CCMS Monitoring Infrastructure contains a lot of metrics which are available in MAI in various templates delivered by SAP. There are also other CCMS metrics which you can display locally in the Alert Monitor, which are not in MAI by default. You can put these metrics in MAI by creating them in customer templates and assigning the templates to managed objects. This process is described in detail here, generally, and with example metrics.


von CCMS metrics are put in MAI in several steps of this process.

Determining CCMS Metric Attributes

To integrate CCMS metrics from the Alert Monitor, which are not displayed in technical monitoring by default, into the MAI) you need various attributes of the CCMS metrics, which you can get from the Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20).

Go to the section Determining CCMS Metric Attributes, to determine which attributes are relevant, and how you can determine them.

Determining the Collector

To use a CCMS metric in MAI, create it in the technical monitoring configuration, in the SAP Solution Manager configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP). Specify the data provision of the metric by specifying a data collector and its input parameters. The collector and its input parameter value depend on the CCMS metric attributes that you have determined.

Go to the section Determining the Collector, to determine which data collectors and input parameters to use.

Creating MAI Metrics from CCMS Metrics

Metrics, whether delivered by SAP or created by the customer, are templates in technical monitoring, which you create and edit in SAP Solution Manager configuration (see Using Templates). To create a MAI metric, you must create a customer template for it.

Go to the section Creating MAI Metrics from CCMS Metrics, to determine how to create a user MAI metric from a CCMS metric, in a customer template.

Creating Alert Types from New MAI Metrics

You need a customer alert for the user-defined metric. You create this alert in the same template as the metric itself.

Go to the section Creating Alert Types from the Neuw MAI Metrics to see how to create an alert for the newly created metric, in the template.

Assign and activate template

When you have created a custom template, it is not yet assigned to a managed object. To use the template for your managed objects, assign it to them, and activate.

Go to the section Using Templates to see how to assign your user template to a managed object, for example an ABAP system, and activate it.


When you have performed all steps required to put a CCMS metric into MAI, it is displayed in the Technical Monitoring work center. Start System Monitoring of the ABAP systems to which you have assigned your template.


Four examples of adding CCMS metrics are presented. For more information, see Examples: Adding CCMS Metrics to MAI.