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Procedure documentationCreating Check Steps for Transactions, Reports or Function Modules (RFC)


You want to create a check step for a transaction, a report, or a function module (RFC).

The usage data determined for these object types is based on the data in the workload statistics. To also obtain usage data for objects that are not displayed as used by the workload statistics, you can create UPL check steps for reports and RFC-enabled function modules. For more information, see Creating Check Steps for Objects Recorded by Usage Procedure Logging.


Special Features

Define the following attributes of the check step:

  • Check step type. Select transaction, report or function module (RFC).

  • For the workload object detail, enter the name of the object whose type you specified; in the case of a transaction, for example, enter SE16.

Checking Definitions

To check whether the definition of the check step is valid, choose Check.

If the definition can be used and the system can find a description of the referenced object, the description is displayed. For example, the description Data Browser is displayed for transaction SE16.