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Procedure documentationAutomatically Creating Check Steps for Transactions, Reports, BAdIs, or Function Modules (RFC)


You can automatically create several check steps for transactions, reports, BAdIs, or function modules (RFC) at the same time. You use the usage data transferred during SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) processing. This is useful in analysis projects. You do not need to create each check step individually.


  • You have created an analysis project.

  • You have created and performed an analysis.

    Note Note

    You can create an analysis without assigning check steps. When you create the analysis, all selected logical components are included, including those with no check steps. See Creating an Analysis for further information.

    End of the note.


  1. Open the analysis.

  2. Choose the Not in Analysis tab on the Object Usage tab.

    The Result column shows how often an object is used according to the SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) transaction, report, and function module (RFC) usage data.

    The Rule Database column shows whether a check step is already assigned to an object.

  3. Select the objects for which you want to create check steps.

  4. Choose Add to Rule Database.


The selected check steps are in the rules database, and can be assigned to an analysis project.