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Function documentationImprovement Projects


You create Data Volume Management improvement projects, which you can then monitor and analyze using the Interactive Continuous Improvement dashboard (ICI dashboard). With the improvement projects you are able to highlight the reduction of system size measured via key performance indicators (KPIs) and make trends visible over time.


  • You have completed the Managed System Preparation step in the Data Volume Management scenario of SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP).

  • The DVM administration user can create and maintain improvement projects. The DVM display user can display existing projects only.

    You create the template DVM administration user and the DVM display user in the Data Volume Management scenario of SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) in the Create Template Users step.

  • To use improvement projects, you have a user in the Solution Manager system and in the connected BI client.

  • For more information about the prerequisites for ICI dashboards, see Interactive Continuous Improvement Dashboard.


You can create new improvement projects choosing New Project. A guided procedure helps you through the creation process.

  • For a project, you choose the systems for which you want to monitor the development. You can add multiple system to an improvement project.

    You can only choose systems marked green and yellow. For these systems, DVM extractors are running and KPI data collection is possible. For systems marked red, DVM extractors are not running and data is not available in the Solution Manager system.

  • You choose one or more KPI groups belonging to the improvement project.

    The predefined KPI groups represent the different layers of a system and therefore provide different insights into the size of a system.

  • You define the appropriate KPIs choosing Add and then select one of the systems and one of the KPI groups you have defined in the previous steps. The KPI type you can choose depends on the KPI group selected.

    The mandatory fields are marked with a red star.

    Under Current Value you choose Get Current Value to retrieve the current value for the defined KPIs.

    Choose Save to add the KPI to the KPI Definition table.

  • In the Project Summary step, you can check the data for your improvement project and save your settings.

    The new project is displayed in the Improvement Projects table when you choose Refresh.

  • You can display the improvement projects you have created in the ICI dashboard.

    Choose the improvement project from the table and then Launch Dashboard. You can also select more than one improvement project. Each improvement project is represented by a scorecard in the ICI dashboard.

  • You can configure your scorecards in ICI Maintenance to adopt them to your needs. For more information, see Configuring the ICI Dashboard.