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To reuse analysis projects or check rules in another implementation of the Solution Documentation Assistant, you can save the data in a file on a data medium, in the Content Interface view, and import it in another system by uploading it.

Example Example

  • To re-document your business processes in SAP Solution Manager, you want to upload Reverse Business Process Documentation (RBPD) content and create an analysis project from it.

    For more information about Reverse Business Process Documentation, see published on SAP site.

  • You want to reuse an analysis project that you use in a reference Solution Manager system in another Solution Manager system with a similar system landscape. You download the data from the reference system and upload it to the second Solution Manager system. On the second Solution Manager system you make adjustments and enhancements. You then upload the adjustments to your reference system and thus continually optimize your analysis project in the reference system.

End of the example.