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Function documentationTest Evaluation


This view contains an overview of the status and work for test plans, and all information about the corresponding test cases. Various tools are available to evaluate the test plans in more detail.


If there are a large number of test plans, you can filter the test plan overview in the quick criteria maintenance. You can also select test plans, specify them as favorites, and delete them later. These test plans are flagged as favorites in the list.

Before the analysis, we recommend that you update the resource and status data. By choosing Update, you can update the resource and status data immediately. Alternatively, you can schedule a background job for status data.

Depending on the planning and reporting level which you specified for a test plan, the status or resource displayed in the list is flagged as obsolete, if a tester changes the value at a lower level. To recalculate the effort again, choose Start of the navigation path Update Next navigation step Planned Resources End of the navigation path or Start of the navigation path Update Next navigation step Status Immediately End of the navigation path.

Example Example

If you plan at test case level, the status and effort values for a test plan are the aggregate of the values of the test cases. If a tester changes the planned effort or status of a test case, the aggregated value displayed in the list for the test plan is flagged as obsolete.

End of the example.

There are also the following functions to evaluate test plans:

  • Status Analysis

    You get a detailed overview of the status of the test cases assigned to the selected test plan, in the Test Workbench.

  • Status Info System

    The Status Info System gives you information about several test plans. The status overview shows the current status.

  • Status Report (BW-Based)

    The test plan status report is based on the last data extraction from the SAP Solution Manager system.

    Note Note

    The number of test cases in a test plan, with a specified status, in this list, can differ from the number in the BW reports. The difference arises if a test case is performed by several testers. This list sums every test case by status value. The BW report takes repeats of the same test case by different testers, into account. The worst status value of the test case applies.

    End of the note.
  • Progress Report

    The progress report is based on the last data extraction from the SAP Solution Manager system.

  • Message Report

    The message overview in the Test Workbench contains all messages created in a test plan.

  • Test Effort Report

    This test effort report gives you an overview of the test effort and clarifies whether the planned test effort is sufficient or exceeded.


In the Test Management work center, go to the Test Evaluation view.

If you select test plans, you can:

  • Go to the status analysis

  • Update effort and status values

  • Choose an evaluation and a filter

  • Go to the status or message overview