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Procedure documentationTutorial part 6: Translate Texts


This tutorial is part of a course that explains the creation and registration of apps for the Dashboard Framework. In this step, you translate the texts flagged as translatable in the app which you registered in the previous step of the tutorial. You can then display the app in your dashboard in the translated languages.


This procedure is part of a comprehensive tutorial about Creating and Registering Dashboard Apps. During this tutorial, you create and register a number of apps and their associated BW queries.

In the sixth part of the tutorial, you create a simple app with translatable texts. In this step, you translate the texts.

Note Note

You must have already performed the previous steps, as described in Tutorial Part 6: Creating an App with Translatable Texts.

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You translate the text elements in your SAP Solution Manager system.

  1. Start the translation environment by calling transaction SE63. For more information about the translation process, see Translation Tools (BC-DOC-TTL)

  2. The text elements are in the table DSH_APPTYPE_LANG, so you want to translate table entries. Enter the object type TABL in the transaction command field.

  3. In the next screen, enter as Object Name, the table name DSH_APPTYPE_LANG, and in the Translation tab, the source and target languages. In this tutorial, translate from deDE (German) into enUS (US English).

    Choose (Edit).

  4. In the next screen, in the group box Selection Restrictopns, enter the name of the app in the Application Type Name field. In this tutorial, this is Z_TUTORIAL_6_APP. Choose (Execute), and confirm that you want to overwrite existing original texts.

  5. The next screen displays the texts in the source language. You can enter the translation into the target language, below it. In this case, you make the following translations:

    • Translate the text Monatliche Kosten pro Standort as Monthly Costs per Location.

    • Translate the text Letzter Monat as Last Month.

  6. Save your translation, and confirm again that you want to overwrite existing original texts.


You have translated the texts of your app, and can display it in your dashboard.