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The application lifecycle is mapped in SAP Solution Manager using different project types and solutions. In different phases, the scenario structure and the assigned business content each reflect your current business requirements.

Possible sources from which you can copy structure objects or business content are projects, solutions, and the Business Process Repository (BPR). After copying from the source, the original and the copy usually develop differently. However, you can identify and adjust these differences at any time during the lifecycle.

Distribution routes long the lifecycle

You can perform the adjustment in both directions between the original version and the current version (rollout or rollback function). The figure below shows the possible distribution routes for structure objects and business content along the individual phases of the lifecycle. For example, if you want to update structure objects in a maintenance project by comparison and adjustment, it is possible to rollout and copy updated structure objects from the BPR or an implementation project. On the other hand, it is possible to rollback and copy changes back to the implementation or template project.

Special feature between different lifecycle phases

During the lifecycle, it is usual that you use different projects and solutions in the same lifecycle phase. Note that the comparison and adjustment is only possible for versions that directly follow each other in two lifecycle phases, that is with the immediate predecessor version. As shown in the figure below, comparison and adjustment across phases is only possible between implementation project B and the solution. To compare and adjust implementation project A, on the other hand, only implementation project B is available.

Special feature for the rollback function

To ensure that changes from the current version that you returned to a predecessor version using the rollback function are not suddenly displayed again in the current version during the next comparison run, you also need to bring the changes in the opposite direction from the predecessor version into the current version using comparison and adjustment.

Example Example

You want to perform a comparison between a solution and a template project. In the solution, you have changed the assignment of business content, which you want to copy back to the template project. To complete the adjustment and ensure that this change is not displayed again in the next comparison run in the structure or on the tab page, you need to copy the change again using comparison and adjustment from the template project to the solution.

End of the example.