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Procedure documentationImporting Solutions


You have exported a solution.


  1. Create a new solution in the target system.

    For more information, see Creating Solutions from a Work Center.

  2. Choose the transaction Solution Transfer (SOLUTION_TRANSFER) in the target system.

  3. Choose the source solution on the Import tab.

  4. Upload the source solution.

  5. Choose the target solution that you created in step 1.

  6. Map the source solution logical components onto the target solution logical components, in the Target Solution System Landscape frame.

    Note Note

    You can create new logical components in the transaction Solution Manger System Landscape (SMSY).

    End of the note.
  7. Choose the import option for solutions that you have already sent to SAP. If you send the target solution to SAP again, you can choose to overwrite the source solution at SAP (import option Replace) or not (import option Copy).

  8. Choose the scope of the objects assigned:

    • Issues, Top Issues and Expert-on-Demand requests

    • Service plans

  9. Choose Import.

  10. If necessary, import the transport request with the solution documents into your target system.