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Actions on added jobs

Once you have added the monitored objects and configure alerts, incidents and notifications, perform the following actions in sequence, to monitor the objects:

  1. Save - When you save, the status of the monitored object changes from Not Saved to Saved. If you do not save, you cannot perform any further actions, such as Generate and Deactivate. The Update Required field in the table is active if the monitored object has to be generated and activated again to see the latest changes.

  2. Generate - This action generates the configuration details of the latest saved version of the monitoring object. You must generate before activating the scenario. The status of the monitored object changes to “Generated”.

  3. Activate - When you activate, the status of the monitored object changes to “Active”. You activate the generated version to monitor the configured job in the job monitoring work center.

    An active monitored object cannot be deleted. You can modify it and save it again. For the new changes to be effective, generate and activate again.

  4. Deactivate - An active monitored object cannot be deactivated. When deactivated, the status of the monitored object changes to “Inactive”.

  5. Delete - An inactivted monitored object can be deleted by clicking on Delete.

Mass Generate & Activate

If you have added a lot of monitored objects to monitor, you can generate and activate them all at once, by selecting them and clicking on Mass Generate & Activate.

You can also mass generate and activate a single monitored object.

Note Note

When you have added monitored objects, you can display a summary of them per system, as shown in the following example:

PRD 000(0) 001(0) 200(4)

E2E 000(0) 001(0) 066(0) 100(2)


  • PRD, E2E - System SID

  • 000 - Client

  • (number) - Monitored objects for that client

  • PRD 200(0) - The system/client combination highlighted is currently selected for configuration.

  • E2E 100(2) - The system/client combinations underlined are all other clients in which the Change Manager (TMW) is configured.

End of the note.

Mass Deactivation

If you want to deactivate some of the activated monitored objects, select the required jobs and choose Mass Deactivate. You can deactivate a single job as well.