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Object documentationInteractive Reports for Databases - Exceptions


Part of checking the overall status of a database is to consider how many errors of various categories have occurred in the database. In the context of interactive reporting, the following report gives you a quick overview of the development of these metrics over time:

  • Deadlocks (Start of the navigation path <system ID> on <database host> Next navigation step Exceptions Next navigation step Deadlocks End of the navigation path )

    The report shows the total number of deadlocks in the respective time periods. This is a situation in which two or more processes deadlock and each process waits for another process to release the lock.

Note Note

  • For information about how you can specify the desired databases and the time interval to be displayed, and how to call interactive reporting, see Using Interactive Reporting.

  • For information about the different display options for the reports for databases with regard to metrics and threshold values, see Interactive Reports for Databases.

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