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Function documentationSupportability Performance Platform


Supportability Performance Platform (SPP) is the central point of access for all functions that you use to manage key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as their definitions and values. KPIs provide greater transparency and, if data is collected on a regular basis, you can use this information to compare performance before and after you make changes. You can use the results of the analysis as a baseline for improvements and decision making. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, each quality manager is responsible for one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Business Continuity

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Protection of Investment

  • Safeguarding Integration Validation

These focus areas can be related to end-to-end solution operation standards, strategic business areas, such as financials, and integration topics for platforms, technologies, and devices. Each focus area of a balanced scorecard is covered by one or more KPIs to document current performance and drive continuous improvement. In keeping with the single source of truth concept, KPIs are documented in the KPI framework of SAP Solution Manager. Quality managers use these balanced scorecards to identify which areas of the business are underperforming and are responsible for implementing any changes necessary to meet KPI targets.

Supportability Performance Platform (SPP) is a unified generic indication platform with a generic measurement information structure. SPP can use several instances to control the measurement procedures on a regular basis. For each KPI, the customer and manager can set a benchmark that can be calculated for all participating customers, different customer segments, and different industry solutions.


You display the KPIs in the My Dashboard application. You configure which KPIs are considered when calculating the balanced score cards.


  • You are authorized to use Web Dynpro applications AGS_SPP_DEFINITION and AGS_SPP_INSTANCE (for example, role SAP_SM_SPP_ALL or SAP_SM_SPP_DIS).

  • Both applications are activated using the transaction SICF.


  • Create custom KPI definitions. The XML template is part of SAP Note 1835343Information published on SAP site.

  • Display information about the KPIs that are stored in the KPI definition

  • Create KPI instances and edit the KPI values

  • Edit and manage instances

  • Display the last KPI value and the history of your KPIs

  • Schedule data collectors to automatically collect KPI data and set benchmarks

  • Receive benchmark KPIs from SAP