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Process documentationUsing SAP EarlyWatch Alert


SAP EarlyWatch Alert in SAP Solution Manager is a service provided by SAP which identifies potential problems early, avoids bottlenecks, and monitors the performance of your ABAP and JAVA systems, regularly, automatically, and effectively. The service data is read from the root cause analysis (RCA) data which is read from the SAP Solution Manager Business Intelligence (BW), the configuration and change database (CCDB), and other SAP Solution Manager functions, like LMDB. For ABAP, data is also collected in the Service Data Control Center.


Diagnostics in SAP Solution Manager is set up for root cause analysis. It collects data for all monitored systems, centrally. SAP EarlyWatch Alert reads this data directly from the SAP Solution Manager BW, and processes it.

The configuration and change database is set up.


SAP EarlyWatch Alert for All System Types

  1. Configure SAP EarlyWatch Alert in the EarlyWatch Alert Management scenario in the Solution Manager Configuration work center.

  2. Activate SAP EarlyWatch Alert monitoring for the systems in your solution.

  3. The job SM:EXEC SERVICES processes the service session. For more information about the background processing, see SAP Note 1992277Information published on SAP site.

  4. The process continues according to the following rules, which SAP put in the system:

    • Red: Very critical/error.

      1. Analyze the report. The SAP Solution Manager system sends the data to SAP.

      2. The SAP Support checks the problems and contacts you, if required, to discuss possible activities.

      3. If you regard the alert as critical, discuss possible reactions with SAP.

      4. Take the agreed action.

    • Yellow: Critical/warning. Analyze the report.

    • Gray: System status cannot be determined. Check why the system status could not be determined.

    • Green: No errors.

  5. If configured, SAP Solution Manager sends alerts of the session to SAP.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert for ABAP Systems Using the Service Data Control Center – Additional Steps

  1. Data collectors in the managed systems aggregate analysis-relevant system and performance data, weekly.

  2. The system forwards this data to SAP Solution Manager by automatic download via the Service Data Control Center (SDCCN).

If configured, SAP Solution Manager sends service data to SAP, initially and monthly, using SAP Service Marketplace, and whenever the report is rated red.