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Procedure documentationDefining Scope


In this step, you create/maintain/delete a technical scenario. A scenario is a set of technical systems in which the jobs are configured.


  • You have configured the infrastructure .

  • (Optional) You have created the template users.

    For more information, see the corresponding in-line help text in the Job Monitoring configuration steps


  1. In the SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center, choose Start of the navigation path Technical Monitoring Next navigation step Job & BI Monitoring Next navigation step Job Monitoring End of the navigation path.

  2. To create a technical scenario, choose Create in Define Scope step.

    A scenario creation wizard starts in a new browser window.

    1. In step Enter Name/Type, enter technical name and a description of the scenario.

    2. In step Select Technical Systems, add the technical systems in the scenario, grouped by SAP Application server ABAP, SAP Business Objects Cluster, and SAP Business Objects Data services cluster.

    3. In step Review, you can review the configured scenario and save it.

    Note Note

    Defining attributes and additional configuration are not required for job monitoring, so steps 3 and 4 are disabled.

    End of the note.
  3. To edit an existing scenario, select the scenario and choose Maintain. You can add new technical systems (using button Add Technical Systems) or remove technical systems (with Delete icon next to the technical system), in the scenario creation wizard.

  4. To delete an existing scenario, choose Delete.