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Procedure documentationCreating Simple Tasks


You use this procedure if you quickly want to create a task that requires executing only a single step or an activity.


Perform the following steps to create a simple task.

  1. In the Plan Simple Task window, enter the following details.

    • Enter a name for the task.

    • Assign a priority.

    • Assign a processor or support organization to execute the task. To assign a processor, enter the business partner ID of the processor or support organization.

  2. In the Schedule tab page, assign a schedule to the task. To schedule a recurring task, select the Is Recurring checkbox, and enter the required data.

    There are the following scheduling options for a recurring simple task.

    Pattern: The pattern in which the task is to recur. It can be Daily, Weekly or Monthly. The default pattern is Daily.

    Daily: Schedule a daily recurring task.

    Start At: Start time of the recurring task.

    Due In (in duration): The time duration within which the task must finish.

    Weekly: Schedule a weekly recurring task.

    Week Days: The days of the week on which the task occurs.

    Monthly: Schedule a monthly recurring task.

    Options: You use the Day of Month option to select the day on which the task occurs, and Weekday of Month to select the weekdays on which the task occurs.

    Calendar Settings: Specifies how to execute a task if any of its recurring instances occur on a non-working day.

  3. In the Managed Objects tab page, assign managed objects for which you want to execute the task, by choosing the managed object type from the Managed Object Type dropdown, and entering it directly, or from the input help, and choosing Add.

  4. In the Description tab page, enter a short description of the task.

  5. In the Documents tab page, upload any supporting documents, if required.