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Procedure documentationAnalyzing the Messages in Backlog Status


1. Check the Messages Scheduled for Sender Component
  1. To view the messages scheduled for the sender component that has messages in error status, choose Backlog Monitor tab page.

  2. To view the backlog messages for the last two days, select Today/Yesterday.

    The trend graph analyzes the number of messages scheduled for the component.

2. Check the Message Processing for Sender Component
  1. To check the message processing for the sender component, choose Message Flow Monitor.

    The result is more accurate for longer time ranges, such as a year.

  2. In the View list box, select Sender Components Only.

  3. To analyze message processing in the sender component, select the sender component

  4. In the Details by Sender and Receiver Combination table, find the component in which the messages failed.

  5. Select the component in which the most messages failed.

  6. To view the trend of messages, by sender receiver combination, choose View Trend.

    The trend graph is displayed in a new window.

  7. To check the sender receiver details for the backlog messages navigate to message flow monitor.

    For more information, see Fixing the Problem in Messages.