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Function documentationCentral Tool Access


You use Central Tool Access for uniform access to tools for administrative tasks, managing users, and transportation tasks, in the central (SAP Solution Manager) system and managed systems.


  • You have added the managed systems to the SAP Solution Manager landscape, maintained in LMDB.

    Note Note

    LMDB currently supports only very few system types. Other system types need to be added to SMSY explicitly, and then migrated and synchronized with LMDB. If you add the managed systems to LMDB, it might take up to 24 hours for SMSY to fetch the details of these managed systems from LMDB. This depends on the landscape fetch background job, which you configure in SOLMAN_SETUP.

    End of the note.
  • You have maintained an RFC connection of type Trusted or Logon, to the managed system, to use the ABAP tools in the managed system.


  • Uniform access to SAP-defined tools in the central and managed system, for performing various tasks

  • Capability to add and use user-defined tools for specific needs


Access the relevant tools.

For more information, see Managing Tools.