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Function documentationIntegration of BPMS Processes


To complete the documentation of your business processes, you can put Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) processes in your project or solution structure. The aim is to map the entire workflow. BPMS processes usually start or finish backend processes defined with SAP Solution Manager.


In SAP Solution Manager, you have registered the CE Server as a technical system of type Application Server Java. In Solution Manager Administration -> Landscape, you have created a product system for SAP NetWeaver CE and assigned the product instance BP and Event Management, which is installed on the technical system. In the Project Administration in the System Landscape tab, you have selected the logical component, and assigned the technical system to it.

You have set up a logical port between the SAP Solution Manager system and each CE server.

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  • Selection of Business Process Management Suite processes

    You can select BPMS processes from the connected CE servers, and put them in the project structure at scenario, business process or process step level. The assigned BPMS processes are indicated in the project structure by a symbol.

    When you create a BPMS process at scenario or business process level, the system creates BPMS steps automatically, at process step level, as placeholders. These placeholders summarize the steps of the selected process.

  • Display documentation and graphical process overview

    If the documentation and the graphical process overview is available for the selected BPMS process, you can call it directly in the managed system. In the IE browser, you call the process graphic with enhanced display functions.

  • BPMS object status display

    You can display the status of an assigned BPMS object in the source system, and thus of a BPMS process.

  • Copy external key as attribute

    When you integrate BPMS processes, the external keys, from which you can identify the objects in the source system, are copied as attributes.


You edit your project structure in the Business Blueprint (transaction SOLAR01) or your solution structure in the Solution Directory (transaction SOLMAN_DIRECTORY).

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