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Function documentationConfiguration Check


You can check whether a project is correctly configured with respect to Change Request Management.


You have configured your project for Change Request Management. For more information, see Configuring Change Request Management.


You can check the following aspects in relation to the configuration of Change Request Management:

  • General configuration

  • Scheduled background jobs

  • Number ranges

  • Piece list activation in Customizing

  • BC Set

  • TMS

  • CRM service

    The system checks whether the settings required for using business transactions have been configured in Change Request Management. This includes the registration of proxy classes for the transaction types used, the assignment of business partners to users, and so on,

  • Logical components

  • Project consistency


  1. In project administration, select the project for which you want to run a configuration check.

  2. Under Start of the navigation path System Landscape Next navigation step Change Management End of the navigation path, choose Check.

  3. The check results are displayed on the result screen. You can display detail information in the lower screen area.