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Procedure documentationCreating a Change


For each project, you can create as many changes as necessary. Each change contains one or several transport requests. These transport requests are used to transport changed software objects as listed in the backend transaction SE09.

You can also create urgent changes. The urgent change is mainly used for fast implementation, for example, if you want to fix an error in existing functionality. The change is transported into the production system faster than a normal change.


To create a change, proceed as follows:

  1. With the cursor on a project in the upper screen section, open the Changes tab in the lower screen section.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step Change End of the navigation path or Urgent Change.

  3. Enter the description of the change.

  4. Choose OK.

  5. The new change is displayed in the list.

Note Note

The person creating the change is automatically the owner of the change. However, you can change the owner if necessary. For more information, see Maintaining Changes.

End of the note.