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Procedure documentationCopying Customizing


You can copy session and task customizing from one system to another, or to all systems of one or more solutions. The following copy options are available:

  • Copy customizing from a system to the currently open system.

  • Copy customizing to a system or to all systems of an SAP Solution Manager solution.

The following customizing objects are copied:

  • User views

  • Task frequencies

  • Customer-specific task descriptions

  • User-defined tasks

  • Customizing Task Log Book and Task Log History

  • Roles and role assignments


In Choose Administration and Monitoring Work Area, you have chosen the ENTIRE view.


  1. In the navigation area, choose Start of the navigation path General Session Customizing Next navigation step Copy Customizing End of the navigation path.

  2. To copy the customizing of another system to your currently open system, choose the Copy Customizing from System tab and choose the source system to be copied.

    To copy the customizing of your currently open system to other systems or solutions, proceed as follows:

    • On the Copy Customizing to Systems tab, you can choose one or more target systems.

    • On the Copy Customizing to Solutions tab, you can choose one or more target solutions. Your customizing is copied to all systems of the selected solutions.

      Note Note

      You can perform several copies in parallel.

      End of the note.
  3. On the Copy Mode tab, you can choose which data to copy:

    • Choose Copy General Session Customizing to copy only general settings, such as the task frequency.

    • Choose Copy User Tasks to copy only your user-defined tasks.

      Note Note

      If you do not choose any option, both general customizing and user-defined tasks are copied.

      End of the note.
  4. Save your entries and confirm the dialog box.