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Procedure documentationActivating Business Functions


You want to activate business functions previously checked for consistency for a logical component and a managed system.

A managed system may be included in multiple logical components. However, it is sufficient to select a business function in one appropriate logical component.

Before business functions are activated, the system not only checks the consistency of the project, but also checks the previously activated business functions in the managed system.

Example Example

Business function A requires business function B. Business function B is also added to the list of business functions to be activated and is displayed as a prerequisite for business function A.

End of the example.

If inconsistencies that cannot be resolved are identified, these are listed in the message area.

Resolve the causes of any error messages. If the inconsistencies can be resolved automatically, the corrections are displayed in the activation dialog box.


  • You are on the Business Function Scope screen.

  • The managed system is connected to SAP Solution Manager by means of a read and trusted RFC connection. A green status is displayed in the Product System column.

  • The business functions and business function set within an SAP Solution Manager project or a solution are consistent. For more information, see Specify Consistent Scope.


  1. Select the field in the In Scope column.

  2. Save your entries.

  3. Select the business function that you assigned to a logical component.

  4. Choose Activate.

    The pushbutton is only activated if the prerequisites are met.

    If you have selected industry-specific business functions, you need to accept the license agreement.

    An extended consistency check is made. The actions to be performed for the business function are displayed in the Activating Business Functions dialog box.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    Ensure that all required business functions are assigned to your project and tested.

    1. In the Cause column, identify any business functions that may be additionally required. These are business functions that are required by the business functions just activated and that are therefore also activated.

    2. Start transaction SOLAR01.

    3. Assign the required business functions to the SAP Solution Manager project.

    End of the recommendation.
  5. Confirm with OK.

    The business functions are copied to the system. Activating multiple business functions can take some time.

    After activation, the business functions in scope are marked as active in the Status column.

  6. If a business function is Inactive, activate it again.

    If a business function remains deactivated, activation may have failed due to dependencies that were not resolved. To repeat activation, proceed as follows:

    1. Choose Activate.

      The Activating Business Function dialog box appears.

    2. Select the Force Reactivation field.

    3. Confirm with OK.

      All previously activated business functions are activated again. This process can take up to a few hours.

  7. If the status Deactivated remains assigned to a business function after it has been reactivated, check the error log:

    1. Choose Go to Switch Framework.

      You branch to the managed system.

    2. Choose Start of the navigation path Go to Next navigation step Switch Framework Logs End of the navigation path.

      The error log is displayed.

    3. Resolve the cause of the error or create a support message.