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Object documentationCentral System Administration Session


Hierarchical tree structure that organizes important system and component tasks into logical areas. You go through the tree structure and define the necessary settings to set up Central System Administration and to perform the administration tasks.


Within a Central System Administration session, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Define the scope of Central System Administration for your system within an SAP Solution Manager solution

  • Perform and monitor tasks

  • Execute tasks directly in the managed system

  • Comment on your work, or write further explanations for other processors, via log book comments and task notepad descriptions

  • Generate administration reports, for example, task log history and task session report


The screen is divided into the following areas:

  • Function Area

    General functions for the whole Central System Administration session, for example, generate reports for the session, view attached documents, or create and maintain an action list.

  • Navigation Area

    General task structure and list of task groups. Initially, shows all tasks necessary to set up Central System Administration for your solution. For more information, see Central System Administration Setup.

  • On-Screen Explanation

    Explains the use, background, and procedure of the setup, task groups, and individual tasks.

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  • Content Area

    Depending on what you have chosen in the navigation area, the system displays the selected function in the content area. You define the setup for Central System Administration and then work actively on single tasks. For every task, a URL or transaction can be provided so you can solve the problem directly in the assigned managed systems of your SAP Solution Manager system.