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Procedure documentationManaging Tasks


You use this procedure to view and execute tasks created in IT task planning, centrally, in IT task inbox.


  • You have authorization to access the Technical Administration work center.

  • You have the role SAP_TASK_INBOX_ALL.

  • You have a valid Business Partner ID assigned to your user.

  • Your business partner ID is mapped to a valid support organization.


  1. Navigate to Technical Administration work center.

  2. Choose IT Task Management.

  3. The Task Inbox window appears. By default, it displays tasks relevant to you. If you want to view all your overdue tasks, choose My Overdue Tasks, under Active Queries. You can also define your own custom query parameters to view different types of tasks.

  4. Under Task Name, choose the task that you want to execute.

    Note Note

    If you are unavailable, or cannot execute a task, you can send a notification to the IT operations manager requesting that a substitute execute the task on your behalf. You can also assign yourself as the processor of a task if the originally assigned processor is unavailable or cannot execute the task. To assign yourself as the processor, your business partner ID must belong to the same support organization as that of the original processor. To send a notification, choose Create Notification, to make yourself the task processor, choose Assign to Me.

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  5. Perform the steps and activities as suggested.

  6. Return to the IT Task Inbox window.

  7. Choose Set Status, to set the latest status of the task.