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Process documentationTest Preparation


To be able to use the Test Management functions of the work center effectively, you must make certain prparations in your system: The business processes which are affected by the changes are analyzed according to the TBOMs and their filter and criticality settings.

The following preparation is required:

  • Assign the scenarios, business processes or process steps to executable entities.

  • Create a list of objects (Technical Bill of Materials, TBOM) for every executable entity.

  • Define test cases for the scenarios and processes.

This process guides you through the required steps.


You created a project or solution structure while creating the business blueprint.

The system landscape of the project or solution is configured.

You have at least ST-PI 2008_1 SP03 in the managed system in which your processes run.

You are authorized to change TBOMs. For further information, see the SAP Solution Manager security guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step <current release> End of the navigation path.


  1. Complete executable entities and test cases for the relevant nodes of your business processes (see Assigning Transactions to a Structure Element and Test Cases Tab).

  2. Check the status of your business processes.

  3. Create TBOMs for all executable entities.

    Alternatively, send TBOM recording tasks to the business process expert responsible, who creates the TBOMs.

  4. Configure the TBOM filter.

  5. Configure the TBOM criticality.

The following additional activities may be required in the preparation phase:

  • Delete TBOM

  • Lock or unlock TBOM

  • Check whether a TBOM is up-to-date

  • Update TBOM classification types

  • Recalibrate TBOM

  • Delete test TBOMS from the database by mass TBOM deletion

  • Delete TBOMs not assigned to business processes, from the database, regularly


Your business processes contain test cases and executable entities with current TBOMs.

You have configured the TBOM filter and criticality.

You can now run the Business Process Change Analyzer, and generate the test plans required, from the results.