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  Expert Settings


You can control the interaction between Customizing Distribution and the user, in the expert settings.


You can make the following expert settings:

Always Confirm Target Request:You are always prompted to confirm the target system request – regardless of whether one has already been assigned.You can then:

confirm the target request

assign a different target request

create a new target request

The last two options affect the transport assignment: a new, project-specific transport assignment is made.See also: Assign Transport Requests to Source and Target Systems

User Debugging: Activate debugging for one or more users.The debugger is called automatically whenever the SAP Solution Manager is called from an external system, e.g. source system.

Distribution in the background:(default) If a user saves several entries in a customizing object, several processes process them in parallel in the background.This ensures that the user can proceed without delay in synchronization by transport release in the source system, without waiting for the distribution to end.The same applies if several users save in the same source transport request.

Send message to user in source system in case of error(default) The customizer in the source system is informed directly of Customizing Distribution errors, if he is still logged on.If the customizer is no longer logged on, distribution errors are logged in the Customizing Distribution log.


To change the expert settings, choose Edit Expert Settings in the Customizing Distribution initial screen for an active distribution szenario .