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Object documentationMessage Types in IT Service Management



Message is the collective term for the IT service management transaction types.


An incident is an event that is not part of the standard operation of a service, and that impairs the quality of that service.

Business transaction that captures this information.


A problem is a usually unknown cause of one or more incidents.

Business transaction that captures this information.

Processors use problems to group a number of incident messages to detect their common cause.

Service request

In a service request, a user requests a specified service, for example resetting a password, or moving hardware.

Business transaction that captures this information.

Service order

Users issue service orders to order several items or services from a service catalog.

Knowledge article

Processors create knowledge articles to provide information about a subject, usually about resolving incidents.

Operations task

Operations tasks are used to manage recurring tasks.


The message can contain different information, depending on the transaction type. For most transaction types, templates can be configured.

More Information

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