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The Solution Documentation Assistant evaluates SAP Solution Manager business processes automatically. It prepares upgrade projects, evaluates new functionality, and analyzes customer developments. You can, for example, determine the business processes that are used in production systems and display this use graphically. This indicates standardization potential to optimize your business processes.

The Solution Documentation Assistant uses the SAP Solution Manager infrastructure. You can set up Analysis Projects directly on Solution Manager projects and solutions. Existing structures and object data are copied to analysis projects. You can also set up analysis projects for imported data.

The analyses map results by structure. The Analysis Results format is suitable for high-level business perspectives, and detailed consideration of analyzed objects such as transactions or reports.

Several analyses are possible for a Solution Manager project or a solution. You can copy the structure of the analysis projects from various sources:

  • You can create or update analysis projects with data from a solution or a Solution Manager project.

  • You can download or upload analysis projects or individual check rules via the content interface and exchange them between different implementations of the Solution Documentation Assistant.

Conversely, you can transfer the analysis results from the Solution Documentation Assistant to a Solution Manager project and thus create or update a Solution Manager project.


The Solution Documentation Assistant offers several views for managing analysis projects, editing analyses and analysis results, and editing check steps in the rule database. These views are:

  • An overview for quick access to your current projects and analyses

  • Analysis Projects for a detailed view of all analysis projects and the analyses created for a project You can also open the view on an individual analysis project or the results of an analysis

  • Analysis Project for viewing the analysis structure and check rules of an analysis project You can edit an analysis project, for example, assign check steps to a check item.

  • Analyses for a detailed view of all analyses. You can search for analyses and view the results of an analysis.

  • Analysis for viewing the results of an analysis.

  • Rule Database for a view of available check steps. You can also create, delete, or edit check steps.

  • Content Interface for a view of interfaces for uploading or downloading contents of the Solution Documentation Assistant. Here you can save analysis projects or individual check rules on data media or import them from data media.

Under Common Tasks, the work center helps you with guided procedures for creating analysis projects, analyses and check steps:

  • Creating an Analysis Project. You create a new analysis project based on a Solution Manager project or a solution. You can also call the guided procedure from the analysis project view.

  • Creating Analyses. You create an analysis based on an existing analysis project, and schedule a time for it to be performed. You can also start the guided procedure from the existing analyses view.

  • Creating Check Steps. You create a check step. You can also create a new check step in the view for the rule database.


Depending on which role the administrator has assigned to you, you can

  • Display the results of analyses with limited usage rights

  • Create analysis projects, analyses and check steps, and perform other actions with complete usage rights

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