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Function documentationUsing the Data Provider Check for PULL_RFC Metrics Program


The program Data Provider Check for PULL_RFC Metrics determines the current status and measurement values of collectors of type PULL_RFC and their metrics.

Extractors are used in the Extractor Framework, the central SAP Solution Manager data collection and distribution infrastructure. The Collector Type specifies the technical realization to get the measured values of metrics. The most important collector types include PULL_RFC, in which the Extraktor Framework regularly queries the values of the managed object via an RFC connection, and PUSH_GENERIC, in which an agent passes the data to the SAP Solution Manager system. The values of most CCMS metrics are passed by extractors of the type PULL_RFC.

Note Note

You can check for collectors of type PUSH_GENERIC with the tool E2E-MAI Servlet.

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You can display the values and status in two ways:

  • To output the values for a metric, enter the IDs of the metric and the managed object.

  • To display the values for all the metrics of a data provider, enter the required data provider data. If you have specified the ID of a metric and a managed object, the details of their data provider are entered in the selection fields.

This is the way in which you usually use the program. When finding and analyzing errors, you often start from an error message that contains the area in which the error occurred and the ID of the affected metric or managed object. You can enter both of these pieces of information on the selection screen of the program. You can determine whether the problem still exists (the program collects data again, independently of the collection frequency), and if so, whether it is restricted to the metric value determination, or whether there is a data provider data transfer problem.


Call Program

To call the program Data Provider Check for PULL_RFC Metrics, call the transaction MAI_TOOLS. In the Analysis tab, choose Data Provider Check for PULL_RFC Metrics.

Specify check scope

You can specify what is to be checked. You have the following selection options:

  • Select by Metric Type

    To check only one metric, set this radio button and enter the IDs of the metric and the managed object. This is a typical use case, if you have these IDs from an error message or log record.

  • Select by Collector Data

    To check for a Data Provider (all metrics whose values it provides), set this radio button and enter its technical details:

    Input field



    Specify the Data Provider Type. There are the following types:

    • Data Providers of type ST collect metrics from the SAP Solution Manager system. They are for functions and indicators in SAP Solution Manager.

    • Data Providers of type ST_PI collect metrics from systems which are managed in the SAP Solution Manager system. There is one extractor per managed system.

    • The Data Provider of type ST_BW reads aggregate and mean values of the metrics from the monitoring and alerting infrastructure from the BW.

    • The Data Provider of type ST_DBMS collect metrics from databases which are managed in the SAP Solution Manager system. There is one extractor per database.

    • ST_PI_CLNT$CLIENT$ collect client-specific metrics from systems which are managed in the SAP Solution Manager system. There is one extractor for each client of each managed system.

    Data Provider

    Specify the Data Provider name. When you have specified the Source (see above), the possible Data Providers are displayed in the drop-down list.

    Note Note

    Use the Alerting Directory browser to determine the data provider for a metric. Choose a managed object in the navigation toolbar, and then the metric type. The data provider is output in the metric type details, in the Data Collection tab.

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    Database Name

    System ID/Database Name


    Depending on the Data Provider Type, you may have to specify the managed object from which the data is passed.

    Use Customer RFC Destination

    When you have entered the data specified above for a Data Provider, the RFC destination from which the Data Provider is called, is output in the corresponding field. You can overwrite this RFC destination if you set the flag Use Customer RFC Destination.

    Note Note

    Only change the RFC destination in collaboration with SAP Support.

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  • Options

    You can also display the IDs of the metrics and managed objects, by setting the flag Show Technical Keys.

Display Check Results

When you have specified which information to display for which metrics or data providers, choose (Execute). This starts the data collection for the selected metric or data provider.

The requested information is displayed in a table. The column Text contains a message text to determine the metric, depending on the data provider implementation, and a status text for the last entire data provider run is output under the table.