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Procedure documentationAssigning Transactions to a Structure Element


On the Transactions tab page, you can define which transactions, programs, or other objects are assigned to a structure element. You can also assign executable variants for transactions, programs and some other objects. These transactions, programs, and objects are then available to you and can be executed. These objects are also proposed to you as default objects if you create a test plan in the implementation phase.

On the Transactions tab page, you can also define which transaction is to be defined to the structure element by default. If you choose the Execute icon next to the title of the structure element in the reference structure, the default transaction is executed.


You are in the Business Blueprint (SOLAR01) or Configuration (SOLAR02) transaction.


  1. Place the cursor on a scenario, process, or process step.

  2. Choose the Transactions tab.

  3. In the Type transaction, select Transaction or Program.

  4. If you have chosen a transaction or a program as the type, enter the transaction or program identifier in the Object column.

    The system automatically enters the name, type, and logical component.

    Note Note

    • If the system does not automatically insert a name for the assignment, and instead <Name not found> is displayed in the Name column, trigger the insertion of names for the assignments manually:

    • Choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Update Texts from Comp. Systems End of the navigation path.

    • Once the system has refreshed the assignment texts, the system opens a new session and displays a log.

    End of the note.
  5. If you have chosen a Web address or a file as the type, enter a descriptive text and an object name, such as a file name or a URL.

  6. If you have chosen a predefined URL as the type, select a URL in the subsequent dialog box.

  7. Enter any additional objects.

  8. Choose a default transaction.

    By doing so, you specify which transaction is executed in you choose the Execute icon next to the title of the process step in the reference structure.

  9. Save your entries.


The newly-assigned object is automatically copied into the project scope, that is, the selection in the In Scope field is set.