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Procedure documentationBusiness Processes


The Business Processes view contains a list of business processes for a solution. You can display business processes for a specific scenario or access only business processes that are allocated issues or top issues.

This view offers details with a list of business process steps. Steps are the smallest business or operational units in a business process. The detail view contains the name of the step and information about whether issues are allocated to it.


  1. You have created a solution that includes business processes.

  2. You have allocated an issue or top issue to a business process or business process step.


  • Displaying Business Processes

    • If you only wish to display specific business processes (processes with issues, for example), choose the relevant link in the work center overview.

    • In the overview's navigation area, choose Business Processes. A view appears containing all the business processes for the solution you selected.

    • In the view itself, you can display business processes for individual solutions, scenarios or business processes with issues or top issues.

  • Displaying Business Processes Steps

    • If you select a specific business process, all the steps in this business process are automatically displayed in the detail view at the bottom on the Steps tab. Here you can find the names of the steps and the logical components. In addition to this, the list shows you which issues are allocated to which steps.

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      If you click on a number in the Issues column, the Issues view for the corresponding business process step opens.

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    • If you choose the Graphical Overview tab, you will see a graphical display of all the business process steps. The allocated issues and top issues are displayed in the graphic with red square symbols. If you click on one of these symbols, you go directly to the corresponding view for issues or top issues.