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Procedure documentationHiding Service Outages Caused by False Alarms


If service outages were caused by false alarms, you can exclude them from reporting.

Example Example

Due to a network failure, SAP Solution Manager cannot connect to the managed systems. Though the managed systems are available for the end users, availability alerts are generated, and service outages are generated in SAM.

End of the example.


  • You have authorization to create and edit service outages.

  • You are in the overview of service outages.


  1. Select the service outages which were caused by false alarms.

  2. Choose the Hide pushbutton.


The hidden service outages are not reported as SLA-relevant downtimes.

Note Note

To ensure that the documentation of service outages is complete, SAM does not allow the deletion of service outages manually. (Service outages are deleted only automatically, when the configured retention time has expired. For more information, see Setting Up Service Availablity Monitoring.)

Hidden outages are not affected by mass changes.

End of the note.

If a managed object was actually not available, you can show the hidden service outage and include it in the SAM reporting.