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Procedure documentationDisplaying Time-Based Data Distribution


You can generate time-based data distribution statistics to get an overview of how old the entities are in your system landscape.


See the prerequisites described under Statistics and Trends or Potential Savings.


  1. Under Statistics and Trends or Potential Savings, select a scenario or a system in the table and choose Time-Based Data Distribution.

  2. Specify the entities in your system landscape for which you want to perform the analysis. You can use the following tab pages.

  3. Select the information you want to display. You can view the statistics in the format Overview per Year or Overview per Month + Year.

  4. To refine the analysis, you can set various parameters.

  5. After you have made your selection, you have two options:

    • To check your entries, choose Check.

    • To display the results, choose Execute.


The system displays a detailed overview of the age distribution in your system landscape, consisting of the following information:

  • Graphical overview of the results

  • Reference year

    You can restrict the overall results to a specific year.

  • Navigation block

    You can filter the overall results based on specific characteristics and display the results in a table.

  • Tabular overview of the results