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Function documentationTechnical Monitoring Work Center


The Technical Monitoring work center provides tools and capabilities for monitoring the SAP Solution Manager landscape defined in the LMDB.



  • Have configured Technical Monitoring using SOLMAN_SETUP

  • Are authorized to access this work center

    For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide on SAP Service Marketplace under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components End of the navigation path.


  • Provides access to alerts from different monitoring areas.

    More information: Technical Monitoring Alert Inbox

  • Provides the current status of systems, databases, and hosts.

    More information: System Monitoring

  • Provides monitoring of all components of an SAP Business Intelligence solutions such as SAP BusinessObjects Web Server, SAP BusinessObjects Server, and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.

    More information: BI Monitoring

  • Provides central access to monitoring data for PI components, PI channels, and cross-system message flow.

    More information: PI Monitoring

  • Provides availability and performance information from an end-user point of view.

    More information: End-User Experience-Monitoring

  • Provides central monitoring of business-critical background jobs in your managed systems.

    More information: Unified Job Monitoring

  • Provides central access to monitor your most relevant interfaces (in terms of utilization and degree of business relevance) for performance, usage, availability and exceptions.

    More information: Interface and Connection Monitoring

  • Provides various predefined reports about availability, performance, capacity, and usage of your systems, scenarios, databases, and hosts.

    More information: Interactive Reporting