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Function documentationConfirm Changes


This dialog box indicates which objects will be changed by copying the changes, and whether the changes can be copied completely, in part or not at all. If you confirm this dialog, the system copies the changes to the specified objects. If you cancel, the system will not make any changes.


Traffic light icons show you whether the system can copy the changes:

  • Green traffic light: The system can copy the changes completely as they are.

  • Yellow traffic light: The system can only copy the changes in part.

    To ensure that the object changes are implemented correctly, you can use the split-screen editor to adjust corrections to the source text in a repository object. Corrections to other types of data, such as the properties and parameters of a repository object, can be displayed but not changed.

    If you click the object name or the traffic light icon, the object change display screen, in which you can check object changes or edit the source code, appears.

  • Red traffic light: The system cannot copy the object changes.

    This can have various causes, such as the object not being supported by this function, being locked in another change request, or not existing.

There is a message text for each object (changes have not been copied completely, for example). If you click on this text, a long text appears, providing detailed information.