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Procedure documentationClosing a Project


When a maintenance project ends, you can close the project, by passing the End of Project Q-Gate. In this case, you close the last maintenance cycle without cycle switching.

Note Note

You cannot close projects with open changes. To close a project that has open changes, set the status of finished changes to Completed. Changes that are no longer to be made can be set to Withdrawn. All other changes, which are neither Completed nor Withdrawn, have to be reassigned to another project. In special cases they can also be decoupled, which is not recommended by SAP.

For more information, see Maintaining Changes and Decoupling a Transport Request.

End of the note.


The Q-Gate status Passed must be set by both processors, for all milestones/Q-Gates, before the End of Project milestone.


To close a project, proceed as follows

  1. Select your QGM project and choose the Quality Gates tab.

  2. Select the End of Project Q-Gate, and then the Quality Gate Details pushbutton.

  3. In the window, set the overall status to Passed, and choose OK.

  4. Continue with the confirmation dialog box.

  5. The project has now been closed and is no longer available for changes.