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Procedure documentationMeasure Benefit of Engagement Cycle


A self-service creates a monthly or quarterly report to document and measure the success and actual benefits of the engagement cycle. You capture current KPI values for management decisions.


  • To be able to transfer data to the SAP Netweaver Business for analysis, you have set up the measurement platform in SAP Solution Manager. See SAP Note 1504004Information published on SAP site for further information.

  • You have performed a self-service.


  1. Select an engagement cycle.

  2. Choose the Reports and Results tab.

  3. Choose the Support Engagement Status Report link.

    A service session starts.

  4. Depending on your organization's service level, select the type of report on the Session Name / Type tab:

    • SAP Enterprise Support Engagement Status.

    • SAP Support Engagement Status.

  5. Choose Last Session, to copy data from the report of the previous engagement cycle, and speed up the report creation.

  6. Follow the self-service instructions. You can:

    • Under Overall Situation, summarize the current situation, and provide your management context information to explain the report.

    • Under Engagement Focus - Top Issues, you can:

      • Create the Top Issues which you want to report to your management.

      • Assign the Top Issues to one of the two following categories:

        • continuous improvement of existing processes

        • new developments

      • Check and change the Top Issue status.

    • Under Key Performance Indicators for Enterprise Support, capture the current KPI values.

    • Under Achievements and Benefits, you can describe the benefits of the measures in the current engagement cycle, in a free text field, to adjust the report to your requirements.

  7. When the Enterprise Support KPI data has been captured, set the report status to Completed.

  8. Generate the report as an MS Word file.

  9. Close the service session.

  10. To download the report, choose the link in the Attachments column.

  11. Optional: If you are unsure whether the measures were successful, send the report to SAP Support to be checked.

    1. Choose Create Support Request.

      You go to a guided procedure. In the Specify Request step, the Optimization of existing solution support option is the default value and is assigned to the relevant service.

      For more information about processing the guided procedure, see Service Requests.

    2. Attach the report.

    3. Save the support request.

      The Engagement Overview view is displayed again..

    4. Send the support request to SAP. For more information, see Service Requests.


You can download the report as an MS Word document.

The data is copied into SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. It can be used for the SAP benchmarking program, which helps you to identify your company's strengths and improvement potential.