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  Project Types


The project types delivered with the SAP Solution Manager allow you to differentiate between different types of projects. You can use the SAP Solution Manager to create the following projects:

  • Implementation project

    Project to implement business processes in an SAP landscape.

    Create a project structure from the business processes. You can either create a new project structure, or base it on one of the following:

    • One or more user or partner templates

    • An existing project

    • Scenarios and configuration structures delivered by SAP

    • An existing production solution landscape

  • template project

    A project to create a template.

    A template makes your project structure, or parts of it, with its assigned objects (documentation, test cases, IMG activities), available to other projects.

    You can lock templates, completely or partially, against changes when they are used in other projects. To use templates in other systems, transport them.

    Template projects are especially suited to SAP partner solutions or global rollout.

  • Upgrade project

    A project to upgrade existing systems.

    In an upgrade project you can conduct the following activities:

    • Upgrade Customizing: Upgrade existing functions

    • and/or

    • Delta Customizing: Copy additional functions

  • Optimization project

    A project to optimize the flow of business processes or the use of a software solution.

    You can use optimization projects, for example, in SAP Services.

  • Safeguarding project

    A project to resolve a critical situation in the implementation or use of an SAP solution.

    Safeguarding projects show the reasons for a critical situation and coordinate the steps required to resolve the problems.

  • Maintenance project

    A project to maintain a solution

    • In Change Request Management: The project contains all maintenance activities and urgent corrections of a solution.

    • As part of the check-in/check-out of business processes from the Solution Directory

      For more information, see Checking Business Processes In/Out .


The project type you select for your project determines the edit options available to you in the project phases.