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Function documentationAnalyses


The Solution Documentation Assistant offers a view of the analyses, irrespective of their assignment to an analysis project. You can search for analyses and, for example, filter the results table by analysis status. Further detailed information is available for each analysis.


You have called the Analyses view in the Solution Documentation Assistant work center.


The analyses table is located in the Analyses area. For each analysis, the default view of the table displays:

  • Analysis name, given when Creating an Analysis.

  • Scheduled start time of the analysis, specified when analysis is created. Start time includes the date and time.

  • Analysis status. The analyses can have the following statuses:

    • Initial

    • Created

    • Planned

    • Running

    • Saving

    • Finished

    • Failed

  • Time at which the analysis reached the status displayed

  • User who created the analysis

  • Name of analysis project to which this analysis belongs

More Detailed Information is available for each analysis.


  • You can search for analyses with filter criteria. To display all analyses in a table, do not enter any criteria.

  • To get a view of the Results of an Analysis, click on the name of the analysis.

  • To display Detailed Information about an analysis, select the analysis in the table.