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Procedure documentationSetting Up Job Monitoring via Job Documentation


You can access the job monitoring setup applications via job documentation. This allows you to link the monitoring configuration to the job documentation so it can be managed centrally.


You have created job documentation and selected the correct job type on the General tab page. For more information, see Job Documentation and General Tab Page.

You have met the prerequisites for setting up monitoring objects through Business Process Monitoring or through Technical Monitoring. For more information, see the following topics:


  1. Open the job documentation and choose the Systems tab page.

  2. Switch to edit mode.

  3. Specify the context in which the job is to be monitored:

    1. Choose Add, and then choose one of the following:

      • Solution to monitor the job in the context of a business process step

      • Technical Scenario to monitor the job in the context of a technical scenario

      • Logical Component to monitor the job directly. If no business process or technical scenario is assigned, then you only need to assign the logical component that contains the system in which your job is running.

      A dialog box appears.

    2. Use the value help to select the relevant business step, technical scenario, or logical system.

    3. Choose Assign.

      The selected context appears in the table.

  4. Select the row for the context you added.

    A list of technical systems is displayed in the table below.

  5. Select the system on which the job is running. The list may show several rows corresponding to the different clients of the same system. Select the row with the correct client.

    Note Note

    If your job is monitored in the context of a business process step, you must select the system with the leading role.

    End of the note.
  6. Recommendation Recommendation

    For CCMS-based monitoring, you should choose Scheduling to check and maintain the scheduling information for the job. This information will be supplied to the monitoring configuration application, so it is important to make sure it is correct before you set up the monitoring object.

    End of the recommendation.
  7. Choose Configure Monitoring to start the application for configuring the monitoring object.

  8. Follow the instructions provided in the application to generate and activate the monitoring object. Specify the job identification, alerting conditions, and automatic notifications.

  9. Save the job documentation.


You can monitor the job in the Monitoring view of the Job Management work center. You can also open the Job Monitor from the job documentation.