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Background documentationMonitoring Data Reporting Requirements


This section describes the additional system requirements for Reporting in the System Monitoring Work Center (IT performance reporting and monitoring history). Requirements:


You Set-Up IT Performance Reporting in a configuration assistant, in which you specify the duration of the performance values, the monitored systems, and the MTE classes for monitoring history. It only takes a few minutes to enter this data. At the end of the assistant, your settings are saved, and they are activated in the initial set-up of BI-Content IT performance reporting. Activation takes about 30 minutes.


The performance values saved for reporting in the System Monitoring work center come originally from the CCMS monitoring infrastructure. These values are collected locally without reporting, so there is no additional system load in the monitored systems.

Only loading the data into BI causes additional system load; with the extraction framework, from the SAP Solution Manager system. Processes required:

  1. The EFWK Resources Manager (01 Minute) job runs in the SAP Solution Manager system every minute. This job (which is not only required for these reports) starts all required extractors as dialog work processes.

  2. In IT performance reporting and monitoring history, these extractors are function modules which call the monitored systems asynchronously, by RFC, to write the required performance values from the monitor segment of the monitored systems directly into the BI. The extractors are called in the following rhythm:

    • If you have set-up collection of minute values, an extractor is called every 15 minutes. This is sufficient because the minute values in the monitor segment of the monitored systems have a duration of 30 minutes.

    • To get hourly mean values, an extractor is called hourly.

    • An extractor is called daily for all other data required from the monitored systems (e.g. threshold values).

    All extractors are called with the specified frequency for each monitored system. Their runtime is typically a few seconds.

BI Memory Space

The following data indicates how much memory the performance values need in BI, per monitored system. These values are automatically reorganized, so they are maximum values which are not exceeded.

  • If you use the default durations from set-up (above all, you do not collect minute values), you need about 30 megabyte.

    Per MTE class for which you activate monitoring history, you need about 0.5 megabyte additional memory under these conditions.

  • If you collect minute values, you need a lot more memory. If the minute values have a lifetime of a week, you need about 160 megabyte, if you otherwise use default lifetimes.

    Per MTE class for which you activate monitoring history, you need about 3 megabyte additional memory under these conditions.

These values are per system, so you must multiply the requirement by the number of monitored systems.

Note Note

The memory requirement is displayed while configuring IT performance reporting in the assistant.

End of the note.