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Procedure documentationSpecify Scope of the Change Events in Change Transaction


You use change request management.

There is at least one change document in your SAP Solution Manager system. The changes have already been carried out and are recorded in transport requests in a managed system.


  1. Expand the information area Change Impact Analysis.

  2. Under 1., choose analysis type Change Transaction.

  3. Under 2., choose the transaction type you require:

    • Request for Change: You analyze all change documents for one or more change requests.

    • Change Document: You only analyze specific change documents.

  4. Under 3., enter the change requests or change documents.

    1. In the ID field, choose the input help.

    2. Enter the selection data for the change requests or change documents.

    3. Choose Find.

    4. Select the change transactions or change documents you require.

    5. Choose OK.

      The selected objects are copied into the change impact analysis selection screen.

  5. Enter the remaining parameters, and choose Run. For more information, see Analyzing Business Processes Affected by Changes.