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 Customizing Distribution


The Customizing Distribution transfers customizing settings or customizing changes made in one development system, into other development systems in your system landscape. You can, for example, use the Customizing Distribution to:

  • download selected customizing from an SAP R/3 into a newly-installed SAP MDM system

  • synchronize customizing in an HR and a non-HR system, and then use ALE distribution in a stand-alone HR

  • synchronize customizing in an SAP R/3 system and an SAP MDM system, because you have business processes which run in both SAP R/3 and SAP MDM.


You have satisfied all the Customizing Distribution prerequisites .

Process Flow

Preparing Customizing Distribution
  1. Choose customizing objects or IMG activities which are Customizing Distribution-relevant. Create a synchronization group in the Synchronization group editor . The synchronization group comprises all customizing objects which you want to distribute from a source component to a target component.

  2. Start the Initial distribution to initially synchronize selected customizing in a source system with customizing in target systems. You specify:

    which synchronization group is to be activated for the customizing distribution

    the source development system

    the target development system

  3. Set-up the automatic Customizing Distribution , to transfer selected customizing changes from a source system, into target systems. Specify whether the customizing is to be distributed during customizing, after transport release, or periodically at specified times

Automatic Customizing Distribution by transport

  1. You make customizing changes in the source system.

  2. The source system reports the changes to the SAP Solution Manager system. The SAP Solution Manager system checks:

    whether the customizing changes are in a synchronization group for which the Customizing Distribution is active

    into which target system the changes are to be passed.

  3. The SAP Solution Manager system converts customizing data which is to be distributed, into customizing data for the target system.

  4. The SAP Solution Manager system passes the customizing changes to the target systems.

  5. The Customizing Distribution writes changes in transport requests, with which you can transport the new customizing settings into subsequent systems in the transport path, in the target systems.

  6. The target systems report any Customizing Distribution errors to the SAP Solution Manager system.

  7. Examine the Customizing Distribution logs in the SAP Solution Manager system, to check the Customizing Distribution results.

  8. Compare the customizing in the various systems with the Customizing Scout , to check whether the Customizing Distribution has synchronized the customizing.


Customizing Distribution is performed in development systems. To transport to a quality assurance and production system later, release the associated transport requests. This ensures that the customizing settings are synchronized in all subsequent systems, not just the development system.

You can change or copy Customizing Distributions at any time, via the menu. After copying, you can for example, change the distribution option or the distribution project.