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Function documentationRoot Cause Analysis Work Center


The Root Cause Analysis Work Center provides tools to monitor and troubleshoot IT solutions. This helps accelerate problem solving and improves the uptime of the IT systems.



The Root Cause Analysis work center applications are grouped into the following areas:

  • End-to-End Analysis

  • System Analysis

  • Host Analysis

  • Database Analysis

After selecting a Root Cause Analysis area a list of systems for which root cause analysis can be performed is available. Filters and queries can be defined to modify the list of the displayed managed systems. The Root Cause Analysis views provide applications for root cause analysis for the managed systems.

For example, the End-to-End Analysis application provides the Change Analysis tool. The Change Report provides information about the number, type, and time of changes to a managed system. To start Change Analysis for a managed system:

  1. Choose the End-to-End Analysis application.

  2. Select one or more managed systems in the list.

  3. Choose Change Analysis.

    Multiple instances of an application can be started in parallel. Each instance is shown as a separate tab. To close the application, click on the index of the selected tab.

For more information about the applications in the Root Cause Analysis work center, see

More Information

For more information about general functions in the work center, see Using the Work Center.