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Procedure documentationCopy Project or Solution


To reuse a project or solution, copy it. You can choose whether the system copies the documents from the source, or links to them.



  1. Choose Copy Projects and Solutions.

  2. Enter a project or solution in the tab, as source. There is selection help.

  3. Choose the tab for the destination of the copy.

    • If you want to copy the source into a project, enter the required data and choose the project type.

      Possible combinations of source and target:

      Source Project Type

      Target Project Types

      Implementation project

      Implementation, Template or Upgrade project

      Optimization project

      No restriction

      Safeguarding project

      No restriction

      Upgrade Project

      Upgrade Project

      Template project

      Template or Upgrade project

      Maintenance project

      No restriction

      If you have selected a template project as target, specify a package. If the package is transportable, the system creates a transport request. To display and edit the request, choose Start of the navigation path Links Next navigation step Transport Organizer End of the navigation path.

    • If you want to copy the source into a solution, enter the solution name, and choose the leading system role.

      The leading system role is the system role in which the business processes in a solution run, e.g. production or development system.

  4. Specify an enhancement context and the release of the enhancement, in which the documents are to be saved.

    If you leave the field empty, the system copies the data from the source.

  5. Select the document copy options:

    • Refer to documents

      The system creates a link to the source document, in the target project.

      If you use the enhancement context and release of the source, in the target project, ensure that there is only one version of the document.

      If you use another enhancement context or release as in the source, in the target project, and you want to edit the document in the target project, you can copy the document.

    • Copy documents

  6. Decide how the Technical Bill of Material (TBOM) data shall be handled.

    You can copy or ignore all TBOM data.

  7. If you want to copy a project into a solution, you can use one of the following options for the project scope to be copied:

    • Consider scope for structure elements and tab "Transactions".

      The system copies only those structure elements and elements on the Transactions tab page to the solution that are identified in the source project by the Scope indicator, meaning that they belong to the project scope.

    • Copy all structure elements and all entries in tab "Transactions".

      The system copies all structure elements and all elements on the "Transactions" tab page from the source project to the solution. The project scope is not included.

  8. Choose Copy.

The system copies the project or solution in a background job. The system schedules and releases the background job. If it cannot be released, you get an error message. To release manually, choose Start of the navigation path Links Next navigation step Job Selection Overview End of the navigation path. The job starts as soon as a background process (BTC) is free, after the release.

Note Note

When you copy business processes, the system does not copy the interfaces between business process steps, it saves the interface information as a reference. There is an external interface. You can dissolve this external interface. For further information, see Resolve External Interface

End of the note.